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Beauty and Health: Go Green Juice like Celebrities

Vegetable juice: Powerful source of nutrients

vegetables, juices, detox, well-eating, diet, green juices,

Food detox and green juice recipes

Nowadays, ruled by the reign of the vegetables, where health has become a trend, the price of fruit juices and vegetables detox are going higher and higher. Introduced as a cure, they are now available in small elixirs of energy, in many juice bars, but also in markets as an industrial fresh juices. Models of “well-eating”, do these energy philters do us so much good and are they safe on a regular basis on our health? Focus on this summer phenomenon.

Since 2010, the tsunami of green juices is taking such a big role in our food habits and set up permanently his health model between yoga and detox. Stuffed with vitamins and minerals, are these small energy bombs billed at the price of a caviar juice really effective?


Combining the virtues of health, simplicity and well-being, mixer has never been so much in the wind to live healthy. But according to doctors recommendations, “all juices are not equal”.

Best one: Home made fresh gently squeezed juices without added sugar.

Second option: Industrial fresh juices can be made with little fruits or vegetables and a lot of added sugar.  You might have to check also the way they squeeze the fruits, cold or hot by centrifugation.

Fruits and vegetables are slowly crushed with an extractor, without heating, to better preserve vitamins and nutrients, and separate the juice from the pulp.

vegetables, juices, detox, well-eating, diet, green juices,

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Green juices, a good habit?

Can detox juices replace a meal?

Low in calories but rich in antioxidants and fresh vitamins, the juices cleanse and relieve the digestive system, make a superb skin and give a lot of energy. Normally the body naturally detoxifies itself from the waste accumulated during the day. After a long holidays or in cure, detoxifying is a good idea, if one follows it in a framed, cocooning atmosphere, and if it fits a balanced diet “over a short period of time “.
Also “fresh fruit and vegetable juices should preferably be organic and home made. Do avoid industrial ones.

Real energy booster, juices for breakfast, lunch or snacks, should never be taken alone, and always be accompanied by solid food: light sandwich at noon, egg, bowl of oatmeal, nuts , Canned tuna, etc.
Making fresh home made juices required a few precautions, such as choosing organic fruits or vegetables, washing and drinking them quickly after pressure to benefit from their vitamins and minerals. Consumption of organic Cold-pressed green juices, combined with a balanced diet and lifestyle full of sports activities, leads to a healthy body and mind.


``Everytime you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it``.

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