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Health and Beauty: These gestures and postures to abandon at the office

Woman Girl Work Fatigue Computer Office

These gestures and postures to disregard at the office

Woman Girl Work Fatigue Computer Office

A small survival guide of the work sitting in front of a screen, with the advice of an ergonomist.

Legs crossed, keyboard away, screen too low, back arched … Some positions and even the layout at work can relieve the body.  In reality, our posture do it most gently but surely.  The seated work being already quite harmful, it is useless to increase its burden.  Review gestures and postures to avoid during the day.

Cross the legs

In theory, nothing could be easier than keeping our feet on the ground, sitting in the back of our chair. But in reality, one wiggles, one no longer holds up and one crosses the legs. “The position is not bad, but if you keep it long and always cross the same leg, though, the venous circulation is slowed down, causing pain and heaviness.
The advice: regularly alternate the crossing of legs, if one is used to do it. Opt for a footrest to avoid slipping on our seat.

Secure the phone between the ear and the shoulder

Being multitasking is good: you can finish your mail while answering calls, for example. But our cervicals can not say the same. “The position causes neck pain, or even what is called” sciatica of the upper limb “, that is to say pains that starts at the neck and go towards the arm.
Advice: always prefer the hands-free system. And assume the “operator” look.

Staying seated without moving

Even in our workplace, we avoid physical inactivity . “When sitting all day, the inter vertebral discs compress, causing, in the long term, pain in the shoulders, lower back pain and neck pain,” says an ergonomist.
The advice: you never sit still for more than two hours in a row and alternate positions. Simply go get a coffee or prefer going to have a chat with a colleague.

Do not adjust office seat

Do not adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen

Do you need to close your eyes punctually? They begin to sting? Your eyes are definitely tired because of your screen. The better the contrast of the image, the less tired the view. Excessive brightness will cause us to squint our eyes and round our shoulders.
Tip: adjust the brightness and contrast according to the ambient lighting. For the contrast, we prefer the letters in black on a light background. Finally, one does not forget to leave the screen of the eyes about ten minutes every hour.

Being too far away from keyboard and screen

You often place a document between your keyboard and you to read and type at the same time? Serious mistake. ” Our neck is too much stressed . The arms are extended to use the keyboard, the forearms are not placed on the table and this causes pain in the shoulders, “explains Gilles Barrette.
The board :We place the keyboard and the screen according to our morphology and our feeling, facing us, and close enough to allow to see each element (about 70 cm must separate us from the screen). His seat is brought closer to the desk so that the forearms are supported and form an angle of 90 degrees. A briefcase is placed below the screen to have it in front of the eyes and limit cervical movements. We also take care to tap on the keyboard with all our fingers so as not to overload the muscles of the fingers and wrists.

4 exercises * to be done during the day to relax the body

Shoulders: lift them up, hold the position for 3 to 5 seconds, then lower them. Repeat the exercise 3 times. With the left hand on the right elbow, pull the arm towards the left shoulder, pulling slightly. Hold for 5 seconds and do the exercise on the other side.

Back: Intercrossed your hands and stretch your arms over your head. Stretch your back to the back, then tilt the trunk to the left and right to stretch the waist.

The legs: sit, take your shin in your hands, raise your knee and lean forward to bring your nose closer to the knee. Do the exercise with the other leg. Lift one foot off the ground and keep your leg straight. Flex the ankle by pulling the toes upward, stretch the ankle by pointing the toes toward the floor. Do the exercise with the other leg.

The wrists:  with the arm extended, bend the wrist upwards. With the other hand, pull your fingers towards you and hold for 3 to 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

5 yoga movements to relax her back

yoga back pain

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