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Image consulting: How to find your ideal eyebrow shape?


The wild eyebrows: In or out?


To give character to a face, facial morphology analysis followed by the shape of the eyebrows are essential. How to choose the layout that allows to highlight a face, whether you have round, oval or a square face? Follow our instructions for eyebrows with the perfect shape.


The shape and thickness of the eyebrows is also subject to fashions. If the 1990s limited the eyebrows to a stroke of pencil, like Pamela Anderson, the years 2010 rather advocate thick and wild eyebrows, of which Cara Delevingne is the best ambassador.

To each face its shape of eyebrows determined by face analysis

Depending on the morphology of your face, the good reflex for a first eyebrow shape or waxing is to entrust them to the hands of an expert. It will rectify the natural line of your eyebrows to rebalance the expression of the face: in soft angular shape to brighten, rounded to soften a square face, or curved-S-shape to rejuvenate, a little “broken” Tone to a round face. Nevertheless, if your eyebrows are naturally formed, a few well-placed strokes of tweezers should suffice. Be carefull not to tweak over the eyebrows so as not to break their natural line.

How to determine the ideal size of the eyebrows?

Place a pencil vertically against the wing of the nose to determine the beginning of the eyebrow: it should not exceed towards theinterior or begin further.

To depilate what exceeds. Then place the pencil from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye to define where to stop the eyebrow. The line of the pencil delimits what must be depilated. What exceeds the eye. The eyebrow should remain more supplied to the inner corner.
To have a nice angular shape, which will give strength and temperament to the gaze, respect the rule of 2/3, 1/3.

When the eyebrow is divided into three, the first two thirds, starting from the inner corner, must go up. The last third must go down. This is how the point of the rounding is defined. The first two thirds must form a straight line, but this one does not refinish and remains regular. Do not tweak what comes out of the line.

The last third, which descends, must be refined and see its edges come closer. This is the area to be depilated the most.

Be careful, however, not to go too far from the natural shape of the eyebrow so as not to complicate the maintenance and the one of the symmetry. In order not to be mistaken, the ideal remains to entrust his eyebrows to a professional who will define the ideal form.

Mistakes to avoid for a beautiful line of eyebrows

All the balance of the face resting on the shape of the eyebrows, it is important not to make mistakes.

Avoid thus to depilate the eyebrows too thin or completely. The pencil line to replace missing eyebrows is really not trendy.

We are not all like Cara Delevingne, so we take make good choice and great care of our eyebrows. Wearing thick eyebrows does not mean leaving them scrubby. Brush them up and intensify them with eyebrow mascara for more character.

Asymmetric or irregular eyebrows are also to be avoided, as are eyebrows that are too far apart or too close to each other. Avoids also the eyebrows too thin and rounded: Prefer the angular shape.

"Feather Brows", the new trend for eyebrows


This feather tendency is due to the Finnish make-up artist Stella Sironen. At the beginning of April, she posted a cliché of her eyebrow transformed into a feather that overhangs her pink eyelids and her electric blue lashes on Instagram.

Facial morphology analysis for eyebrows works best with Choosing the right lingerie – Accessories, Choosing the right glasses and followed a personal shopping session).

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