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Image Consulting: Find out if you know how to dress with style

Style, you think you got it but most likely you don't! And yet, not a single day without seeing a fashion faux pas on the street . Check out this test to see if you have style and if you know how to adorn yourself accordingly.

do you have style

For your appointment with the man of your dream, you absolutely need a dress.

a) You know exactly what you want way before going shopping.

b) You Look for the best outfit in your wardrobe.

c) You ask your girlfriends to help you: you will rely on their opinion.

While walking In the street, you often find that people:

a) Do not make any effort to dress up.

b) Are not friendly.

c) Have nonchalant looks.

Birthday gift: one of your friend offers you a green and yellow scarf!

a) It is too colorful for you! You thank her, but know that you will never wear it, even under the threat of a gun!

b) You are delighted that she thought of your birthday and put it right around the neck!

c) You don’t like it that much but you will try to wear it!

You are having a nice time online shopping and find this beautiful blue coat that stroke your eyes.

a) You prefer to buy the same coat but black colors, it is safer. It is hard to get the real colors when doing online shopping.

b) You take it without any doubt.

c) You prefer to wait a little to make sure you really need it and that you have have clothes in your wardrobe to accessorize it.

How do you decide what colors suits you best:

a) Depending on your complexion!

b) You don’t care about your complexion and your hair color you just like it in this particular color.

c) Depending on your hair color!

You are not a big fan of:

a) Ripped Jeans!

b) Chanel suit!

c) Ballerinas with a below the knee skirt!

What is your biggest fashion faux-pas?

a) As a child, you were wearing your sweaters tucked into your skirts: a shame!

b) You wore a miniskirt and a deep neckline for a meeting at work.

c) Fake nails!

You dress very classy: what do you do to make your style more modern?

a) You put a glam rock belt to refresh your classy look.

b) You wear a Nike cap!

c) You put on pink tights: it will bring some colors …

Would you be able to:

a) Matching your dog to your outfit! “Why not?”

b) Wearing a running pant with boots! “All that matters is how confortable you feel!”

c) Not buying clothes for a month! “As a personal record!”

You have an after work rendez-vous with a gorgeous man:

a) You have to go back home to get changed

b) You go directly without asking yourself questions.  no matter what clothes you wear, you look always great!

c) Thanks god! You decided to wear the chicest desk to drink fit this morning.

You stay at home all day without any plan of going out. How do you dress?

a) You wear black leggings along with a white tunic: simple and confortable.

b) You swap your flower printed pyjamas for a sweat and loose pants in which you feel comfortable.

c) You like to wear your favorite jeans and sweater.

You have a sleepover at your best friend house, to dress up the next day, you:

a) You get up early and head back home to dress accordingly for work.

b) You put on the same clothes as the day before.

c) You nicely ask her if she can lend you her dress that you totally adore.

When someone asks you what you want as a gift, you reply:

a) “No, really, I already have everything I need”

b) “It does not matter, it is the intent that matters”

c) “If you want I can send you the list and you choose in!”

Nail care for you is:

a) A care that needs to be done in an nail spa.

b) Just a quick light pink nail polish that you do at home.

c) Trying to match it accordingly to your outfits.

Waking up in a very bad mood, you have a hard time deciding what to wear:

a) You will be late at the office, but you will find out the best fit.

b) You take whatever comes first.

c) You put on your favorite jeans and a cool sweater, your time saving outfit!

Being stylish for you is:

a) A trend analysis of the latest trends in fashion.

b) Be yourself.

c) Dressing up accordingly to each occasions.

As per the result of this test:

  • if you got more A’s, you are:

You are well aware of what is happening in the world of fashion. You cannot stand approximation regarding your image and the same goes for your wardrobe.

You like to be dressed with rigor and self-discipline. You put a lot of time and effort in mixing and matching your outfits with an innate aesthetic knowledge. You are one of those who can have a pure yet elegant look, with an eye popping accessorize that makes all the difference. You do not take the risk of seeing you with a pink sweater pants and leather boots on the street.

You definitely know how to get Style.


  • if you got more B’s, you are:

Being stylish is not really your priority in life! You like to wear nice clothes, but in your everyday life, you prefer not to waste too much time in materialistic thing and wear whatever comes at hand.

In such cases, you do not dress according to each occasion. Though, you are willing to dress up for night out. In that case, you do whatever it takes to look amazing and to show the best look ever.


  • if you got more C’s, you are:

You are neither a perfectionist, nor an obsessive fashionista, and yet … You know naturally what suits you or not, you know the colors that embellish you, the fabrics that match your skin tone.

Sometimes you have doubts about an outfit that comes out of the ordinary. It is then time for a girl gathering with your besties to help you see more clearly. You clearly understand that from unity comes the strength.

Finding your personal fashion style is about getting to know yourself.

Fashion gives you the inspiration, looks and images in a specific time and period, – and style is what you make out of it by expressing your individuality through clothes, and it doesn’t have an expiration date.

By comparing your personal style and analysis of physical and social factors such as family and professional environment, Paris With Style will be able to determine your basic profile to highlight your personality and create a credible personal image following the do’s and don’t of Fashion standards and in line with your expectations and your requirements.


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