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Personal shopper: 10 pieces that confirm the return of the 90’s in our closet

90's fashion style bandana

Since last season, brands and Maison de Haute Couture have been celebrating the 90's. The 90's are back with a massive return in our dressing room.

If it is often said that fashion is an eternal start-over, taking from the past the successes of tomorrow. But if the eccentric style of the 90’s re-enters our wardrobes, that does not mean that we must give way to it eyes closed. Here are 10 retro pieces that we might embrace in September.

Sweat pants

The Bandana

As some of us might presume sweat pants are not only reserved for the gym, they certainly finds their place in town. This effortless and relaxed piece, often left in the drawers, sometimes evokes a certain casualness difficult to assume. Exit the prejudices, the trousers of stripe or pressurized tracksuit is now a strong piece that it is possible to wear with chic.

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This small printed cotton square is also back on track. The Positive Side ? We all have a hidden bandana somewhere in our closet. Knotted around the wrist like a bracelet to make a reminder of color, worn tied to the handbag, the bandana easily sublimes a casual outfit. Easy to wear in summer, it is way more complicate to find its place in autumn or winter.

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The nightgown dress


While some spend hours choosing a suitable outfit in the morning, others dare to wear evening gown in the city. The nightie dress, also known as slip dress, grabs podiums and seduces fashionista and celebrities. Revived over the years by celebrities, this piece is a day and night must have in the modern women’s dressing room. Wear it superimposed on jeans and for the most daring wear it as easy as a little black dress.

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The Creoles did not say their last word. Straight from the hip-hop culture of the 1990s and 2000s, these iconic rings are one of the main trends of the autumn. Big size or medium size, even the simplest outfit would look stylish.  Just choose your color from gold to silver, red to green, from fine to large, it would be difficult not to find you the dream ones.

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Ladies, September is coming. It is time for a shopping session with a pro. Rummage the best new trends in Saigon.  Unveil new treasures in the hidden boutiques of Saigon with a personal shopper. The best way to learn how to spend your money wisely and to buy to best for your body shape and skin tone.

I will find for you those hidden gems that best fits you.  Contact me for more info.


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