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Shopping: Loani colorful zircon bangle Jewelry

Sparkle up your Style with Loani Bangles!

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LOANI HAUTE FANTAISIE is jewelry that plays with the tension between colors and materials. These are magnificent art pieces that embody a philosophy espousing sophistication yet richness and are delicate as much as they are avant-garde.

Having launched her brand in 2010 in Vietnam where she is based, the young, dynamic, in love with fashion and insatiably inspired by colors French-born designer, Celine Ventalon, finally made her dream comes true after 3 years spent in research and development by creating magnificent and colorful bangles, a subtly mixture of  transparency and Zirconium dioxide or Swarovski crystals.

After various work experiences in the lingerie business, watches and high end jewelry as a commercial agent she decided to start her own business and to express her creativity even though it requires strengths and pugnacity.  Celine has an eye for detail and technical perfection while always maintaining functionality and emphasizing the beauty of design.

Since then she had pushed the boundaries of jewelry design with her unorthodox combinations of acrylic glass and zirconium/crystal, which has made her pieces highly coveted collections for women. Transparency is combined with the brilliance of the zirconium. The result: magnificent and colorful bangles, a work of inspiration and imagination.

A success thanks to ambition, rigor and quality.

Contrary to industrially standards jewels, her collections are hand made in high quality acrylic glass, 14K gold and subjected to our quality charter.

Her commitment is to provide the best quality of French Haute Fantaisie and its tradition of quality.

Shop online : www.myloani.com


Jewelry and woman: a true love story!

Women and jewelry … a whole story. Why do we love jewels so much? First, because jewelry is light catches. These little things give a glow to your complexion but also to your outfits. Just like your high heels and your purse, the jewel reflects who you are.

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Nevertheless, it it is very important to choose your jewelry accordingly to your personality, your color skin and your style. Follow our advice as an image consultant on how to choose the right jewelry/accessories and show off the best of you.

Accessorizing is the best way to alter the personality of an outfit with: jewelry, scarves, belts, handbags, shoes, and hats and adequately to bring last year’s look into this year from day into evening.

Image consulting could help you analyze the do and don’ts regarding accessories and more specifically jewelry.

Style is all about accessorizing, mixing the right clothes, shoes, bags or jewelry depending on your color analysis, morphology and personality.

To learn more about “choosing the right accessories”, please contact us.


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