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Image consulting: How To Conduct A Closet Audit

How to audit and reorganize your closet


You surely have outfits in your wardrobe that you do not put on or just occasionally. We often surround ourselves with superfluity, and it happens that this too many useless things pollute our minds.

Less but better. These three words summarize well the idea of a capsule wardrobe. A what? A “capsule wardrobe”. As usual, the phenomenon comes from the US, England and the Net.

The principle is simple: to do a closet consultation, to get rid of the superfluous and to keep only the basics and timeless clothing which, it is better, must marry one with the others. An optimization of your closets, in a way.

This idea of doing less with better seduced totally different profiles: compulsive purchaser repented, allergic to clothes, fashion lovers who have abandoned the trends without sacrificing the taste of beautiful pieces, business women who do not have time to spend on choosing the right clothes…

Some advice remains above all common sense, like the idea of preferring “versatile pieces”, or multi-function outfits that can be worn under different circumstances

The capsule wardrobe will adapt to the vagaries of the weather, your travel or your personal life especially if you refuse to reinvest fortunes in clothes you will wear only a few months.

If you want, or have made this decision to optimize your wardrobe and keep the best out of it, but do not know where to start, follow my few helpful tips.

  • Getting rid of clothes that you haven’t wear on 8 month time
  • Giving away clothes that are too big or too small
  • Or those too damaged or unflattering
  • Educate yourself to do a better shopping

You need an expert? Don’t have the courage or time to go through this?

I work with you to identify the key pieces needed to create your own capsule wardrobe.

(Closet Audit works best after finding your color palette and body analysis and followed by a personal shopping session)


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